Magic Lessons and Workshops

Learn to be a Magician at the Wunderground Magic Academy

Whether for yourself, your child, or your group Wunderground Magic can help on the path to becoming a better performer.

Our magic classes are designed to give you the knowledge, skills, and that special something to make the magic happen.

We don’t offer a one size fits all solution.  The Wunderground Magic Academy offers a wide range of magic classes, workshops, tutorials, lectures, and coaching to give you the tools you need to amaze.

With over forty years of experience training the best magicians in the area, we have the expertise to help you achieve your most magical desires.

Instructors are carefully seleced for their ability to entertain, perform, and transfer their knowledge in a ways that make learning fun.

We not only teach the trick, but go behind the scenes to explain why it works, what your audience is thinking, and how to present the effect to get a better reaction.

Children’s Magic Classes

Children love magic!  They especially love learning and performing it.  Help them build self confidence while discovering how to be amazing.

Adult Magic Instruction

When you attend the Wunderground School of Magic you’ll learn how to be astonishing.

Group Magic Lessons

Do you want to explore the mysteries of magic with your close friends and family?  Wunderground Magic offers classes that are tailored to you.

Scout Magic Opportunities

The Wunderground Magic Academy has special programs for boy and girl scouts to help achieve their magical goals.

Magic Club

Want to start a magic club at your school?  Wunderground can help.

Online Instruction

Learn magic online with Dave Foydel, one of the instructors at the Wunderground Magic Academy.