Scout Magic Activities

Both the Boy and Girl Scouts have special activities involving magic, and The Wunderground Magic Academy has special programs to help you achieve these magical goals.

Cub Scout Bear Elective 13

  1. Learn and show three magic tricks.
  2. With your den, put on a magic show for someone else.
  3. Learn and show four puzzles.
  4. Learn and show three rope tricks.

Junior Girl Scout Puzzlers Badge

  1. A Maze with a Theme. Design your own maze.
  2. Crossword Puzzler. Make a crossword puzzle.
  3. Do You See It? Learn about optical illusions.
  4. Picaria. Learn to play it.
  5. It’s in the Cards. Learn and perform 3 card tricks.
  6. It’s Magic. Learn three magic tricks.
  7. The Game of Nim. Play it several times.
  8. Scramble. Make a word scramble with 5 – 10 words.
  9. Word Search. Make up a word search.
  10. One Dollar Words. Play described word game.

Read What Troop Leaders Are Saying About These Classes

  • Thank you so much for hosting our Brownie Troop on Monday, March 26. Doc was an amazing teacher and the girls were truly┬ámesmerized! They enjoyed watching and learning each and every trick. He was incredibly patient, kind and fun!
  • Thank you for this opportunity. It is definitely one that they will always remember!

We Work With You

Wunderground Magic will work with your group to complete these activities through hands on magical activities, challenging puzzles, strategic games, amazing performances, and lots of fun. The cost is $20 per child with a 5 child minimum.